The Depression Session Meetup Tucson!

Presenting… drumroll…

Drum roll

The Depression Session Meetup Tucson! Mellinda Cromeens and Laura Milkins have started a Meetup group to talk openly about depression, still with the same mission of de-stimatizing depression in our community and the world. If you know anyone interested in joining, please share, especially if you know someone suffering with depression.

About the group:

The Depression Session Meetup is about de-stygmatizing depression. It meets once a month on Tuesdays. It’s perfect for anyone who has struggled with depression and wants to share what they are going through or have gone through. Depression is isolating and it can be difficult to open up and share your struggles. Or when you do tell friends and family what your going through, they give suggestions rather than really listening. The group designed to talk openly about depression in a non judgmental space, and have a chance to share your story. It is not therapy, but just an open conversation about depression.

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