Snap Out of It!

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I feel so lucky that my friends and family have been pretty unanimously supportive and kind since I started admitting that I am depressed. The only thing that has bothered me is cheerful advice, and even then I know that it comes from a kind place. Here in Tucson, it seems that people think if you are having a problem with depression, you just aren’t evolved enough in your spiritual path… you need to meditate more, eat differently, get energy work, acupuncture, medication, herbs, etc.

The thing about depression is that you know you need to do a bunch of things differently in your life, don’t we always have a hundred ways we could be healthier, better, more evolved, more spiritual, and kinder to ourselves and others. However, when you have depression, you don’t feel up for anything, even regular daily tasks like doing the dishes, none the less starting some new regime that will make you a more evolved and happy person.

So, while I appreciate loving advice, most of the things people suggest, I am either already doing, have tried already,  have read about, or just don’t feel up for trying right now. Mostly what people with depression want is to know they are loved and supported in where they are with things right now. Actually, isn’t that what we all want?

-Laura Milkins


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